Our Story

Hypevertise was founded in 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. Our goal is to bring transparency to influencer marketing, this starts with providing the most accurate and in-depth Instagram audit tool on the market.

With Influencer marketing growing at a rapid pace, there needed to be a fast and reliable way to verify the authenticity of an influencer and their audience. That is why we built Hypevertise, an Instagram audit tool that provides you with 20+ in-depth analytics on every account so that you can determine the best influencer for your campaign.

On the day of our initial launch, we performed over 7,000 audits, instantly showing us the high demand for such a tool. With an that and the lack of accurate tools on the market, we set out to fill the void.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an ecosystem of accurate, powerful and effective tools that make it easy for brands to navigate the influencer marketing space. We give brands the power to manage campaigns with confidence, with our tools, we hope to pave the way and set a standard in influencer marketing.